Lansing Makers Network is generally divided into “zones” with each zone being overseen by a steward who is responsible for the overall organization, safety and maintenance of that zone. Zone Stewards also help organize training classes and orientation sessions for the equipment housed in that zone. With the help of members who frequently use that zone, stewards may also develop rules and procedures. For more information about the equipment in any zone, don't hesitate to contact the zone steward for more information Most importantly, don't operate any equipment if you're not familiar with its operation, safety rules, and maintenance requirements. The Zone Stewards are here to help!

Woodshop / Zone Steward: Brian Adams

All of the woodworking machines and tools live in this area.

Delta 10" Table Saw Shapeoko - 3 axis CNC Router 1 In. X 30 In. Belt Sander 4 In. X 36 In. Belt / 6 In. Disc Sander 8 inch Central Machinery Drill Press Router Table JET 14" Bandsaw

Machine Shop / Zone Steward: Carl Raymond

CNC Mills, lathes, taps, drills and other metalworking tools.

9x20 Metal Lathe 8 inch Central Machinery Drill Press 90-Amp Flux Core Wire Welder 7x14 Variable Speed Lathe CNC Mill

3D Printing / Zone Steward: :ORPHANED:

3D printers live here.

Crafting / Zone Steward: :ORPHANED:

Sewing machines, glass grinders, hot glue, all live in this zone.

Singer Fashion Machine 1036 Sewing Machine Brother XL-5130 Sewing Machine Silhouette Potrait Vinyl Cutter Embroidery Sewing Machine

Electronics / Zone Steward: :Mike Flaga

The electronics area contains loads of equipment, tools, and parts for electronics projects. Soldering irons, meters, scopes, power supplies, components, etc are all things you'll find in this area.

HP Digital Multimeter HP Multifunction Signal Generator YIHUA 936 AOYUE 937+ Soldering Station Weller WES51 Soldering Station Weller WTCPT Soldering Iron CCTV Magnifier Hot Air Rework Station

Laser & Vinyl / Zone Steward: :ORPHANED:

The laser area houses the laser cutter and vinyl cutter.

60 Watt Laser Cutter 24in Vinyl Cutter