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Feb 06, 2015 Update

“We heard back from the contractor for the new space and he says it will take 6-8 weeks to finish build-out. That means the earliest possible date we can move in will be March 20th and most likely closer to April 3rd.”

Space Opening Todo

  • Taking an item:
    • Replace :ORPHANED: with a link to your user page and name.
    • Make the topic a link and create the linked page.
    • DOCUMENT your progress on the linked page.
  • Relinquishing an item:
    • If you're no longer working on an item (or have completed your part of it)
    • Remove your name and replace with :ORPHANED: if work remains to be done.
    • Remove your name and replace status with :Completed: if item is done.
    • In either case: DOCUMENT the progress of the item on the linked page.
  • In General:
    • Keep this list clean and organized. Make notes inside their respective pages.
Topic Lead Status Due Date
- restrooms
Liability Waiver Form :Completed:
Standing Rules :ORPHANED: :NotStarted:
Liability Insurance B. Adams :InProgress:
Consigned Equipment Policy C. Raymond :InProgress:
Fiscal Policies (Google Doc) B. Adams :InProgress:
Establish member lifecycle (onboarding, training, exit interview) :ORPHANED: blocked waiting on member contact information
LMN member database / ERP :ORPHANED: blocked on feedback / choice of software
Safety Equipment
:ORPHANED: :NotStarted:
Keys / Access Control :ORPHANED: :NotStarted:
Space Plan/ Layout :ORPHANED: :NotStarted:
Safety Rules
Per Equipment
Space Wide
:ORPHANED: :NotStarted:
Electrical Upgrades :ORPHANED: :NotStarted:
certificate of solicitation B. Adams :InProgress:
Space Opening Sponsorship Flyer B. Adams :InProgress:
Internet access / Phone N. Kwiatkowski :Completed:
Membership Form :Completed:
Harassment Policy :Completed:
Collect donated dust collector :ORPHANED: :NotStarted:

Possible Tags

Tag Example
:Completed: :Completed:
:InProgress: :InProgress:
:OverDue: :OverDue:
:NotStarted: :NotStarted:

Topics Not Yet Todo Items

  • Fire Protection / Fire Suppression (oil equipment, etc)
  • Computer system / POS / Accounting / Computers
Area ToDo Lead Notes
Documents to write
mission statement
bylaws Post on wiki
articles of incorporation Post on wiki
IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) Post on wiki
conflict of interest policy Post on wiki
conflict of interest form Post on wiki
[IRS 1023]] (501(c)3 Application) Carl Raymond, Nick Kwiatkowski
Business Plan Ed Symanzik, Timothy Schmidt, Brian Adams
Marketing Plan Jasmine O.
Logo Post svg on wiki
Establish Board
Elect officers
Establish Bank Account Carl Raymond
Find Legal Counsel Brian Adams
Location Search
RFID Locks Jasmine O.
Establish 2012 Goal $20,000
Contacts Establish LMN liason with each
Classes Create a sylabus for each class
oktoberfest Brian Adams