Makerfarm Prusa i3 3d Printer


Status Operational
Zone 3D Printing
Owner LMN
Tool Type 3D Printer
Member Category Coder/Crafter
User Manual laser_cut_i3_v2_8_inch.pdf
Manufacturer Makerfarm
Model i3
SOPs Link
Checkout Required
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Makerfarm 3d printer donated by Craig Pontius


Contacts for training

  • Carl Raymond
  • Joe Zimmerman
  • Tim Schmidt
  • Jerry Fahner

Maintenance Log

Future Enhancements

  • Octoprint:
    • Already done:
      • RaspberryPi-B, USB wifi adaptor, SD card have been gathered and at MakerFarm
        • apt-get, rasp-config and OctoPrint upgrades have been done.
        • changed default user/pw of R-Pi.
        • set timezone
        • set keyboard to PC104-US
        • Network setup with static IP at, on WiFi
          • Note, seems OctoPi has FUBAR'ed wlan0 auto setup.
      • Setup Port foward for below on ComCast Router.
        • 22180→80(HTTP)
        • 22144→443(HTTPS)
        • 22122→22(SSH)
        • Note
          • There is no DNS at the space, yet.
          • ComCast is DHCP, and there is no DynDNS setup. So you just need to know. It does not change much.
      • Octo-Pi has been installed,
        • created users
          • some Octo Admin's
          • a LMN common user
        • enabled Auto login by local network
          • any internal will auto login with access.
          • Remote or outside will be view only, unless with user/pw.
        • enabled auto connect
        • Changed Web Page Host name to “LMN MakerFarm i3 Prues”
        • Limited haproxy to maxconn of 2. only lets two web pages, as not to overload Pi.
      • USB camera has been ordered.
        • Currently is trying Pi-Cam, very slow.
      • Printer setup modified for
        • temperatures
        • beginning and ending Gcode scripts
        • auto bed leveling code
      • OctoPrint has been updated from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5(stable) using the interface
      • Added the following plugins
        • Custom Control Editor
        • System Command Editor
        • Editor Collection
        • EEPROM Marlin Editor
        • Print History
        • STL Viewer
      • Added stub commands to control the lighting
        • Currently using M42 P4 S255 / M42 P4 S0
          • We still need a relay hooked up to this pin to drive a light.
    • Still needs done:
      • 3D Print an enclosure for the pi
        • currently using a stock case. But a better custom case to attach to MakerFarm is desired.
      • Need to investigate slowing down the FPS. Too much for Pi FFMPEG
      • More …
      • Write instructions on how to connect and print
      • Install and test Cura profiles so STL's can be sliced on the machine
        • Test Raspberry Pi B for slicing - may be a problem for larger or complicated parts
        • If too slow, slice before uploading or consider Raspberry Pi2
      • Install Pi camera on machine which might include 3d printing an enclosure for the camera.
        • Currently Duct tape and Wire is holding camera.
      • Add LED/Lamp for Camera
      • Consider all possible scenarios for overheating or loss of control
      • Address the issue of the PSU load which is not connected well and also may overheat nearby objects
      • A backup of the SD card should be done, and some sort of regular backup system should be in place so if something is ever broken we have a place in time to restore to.
    • Considerations: