HP Multifunction Signal Generator


Status Operational
Zone Electronics
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Tool Type Signal Generator
Member Category Coder/Crafter
User Manual agilent33120auserguide.pdf
Manufacturer HP
Model 33120A
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Agilent 33120A function/arbitrary generator offers the rock-solid stability of digital synthesis at a price you can feel good about. Not only do you get better performance, you get arbitrary waveforms available for the first time in this price range. Just imagine the ways you could use complex custom waveforms (with 12-bit resolution) from simulating heartbeats and vibrations to testing circuits.

The option 001 phase/lock time-base increases the Agilent 33120A's frequency stability and creates new system possibilities. Generate precise phase-offset signals, phase lock two Agilent 33120A's or sync your generator to a 10 MHz frequency standard. You can even tie and entire ATE system to a master clock.

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