Rostock 3D Printer


Status Needs calibration / documentation
Zone 3D Printing
Owner LMN
Tool Type 3D Printer
Member Category Coder/Crafter
User Manual equipment
Manufacturer Randy Schott
Model Richrap rostock
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Checkout Required
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Rostock printer built and donated by Randy Schott.

It currently needs some attention to get it printing well.

Here are facts we know about the current state of this printer

  • Randy has told Tim that he was never happy with the way it was printing
    • Not happy with the arms
    • Printing things well only if they were round, like a vase.
  • Running Repetier Firmware v0.82
  • The plans Randy used to build the printer were from Richrap's blog.
  • The thermistors on both the extruder and the bed are 100k but I do not know the model which would be useful for firmware tweaks.
  • The LCD panel is a smartcontroller from reprapdiscount
  • The Mega used, is a Taurino which is a mega clone, needs a different USB driver.

Stuff this printer needs:

  • Jerry and I noticed one of the top ends that are clamped to the vertical rods slipped up and down a little bit changing the tension on that belt. We need to check the tightness of this
  • Calibration will be needed.
  • Firmware settings from Randy, or identify all needed values for new firmware settings.
  • The fan on the power supply was not spinning, I'm not sure if that is a problem since we did not draw much current from the power supply during our tests, but it should be verified that the fan is in fact working, but limited to turns itself on when needed.

Stuff that should be upgraded at some point

  • Add auto bed leveling
  • Jerry suggested it would be nice to have the LCD turned up at an angle so you could see it. I think making it adjustable would be ideal. I'm betting there is a thingiverse part designed for exactly this.
  • Update firmware to v0.92 (or newer or non repetier)
  • The screw's that hold the arduino and ramps board to the base are not designed ideally since you need to remove the bed to easily remove one of the screws. If given the chance in the future we should replace the screws with standoffs or another solution that doesn't require removing the bed to turn a screw, maybe a trapped nut under the bed.

Safety Rules

FIXME (All 3D printers need safety rules)

Contacts for training

FIXME (Should be the same for most 3d printers, suggested Joe, Jerry, Carl)

Safety Training

In Addition to the show safety rules the following safety rules should be followed: FIXME

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