Lansing Makers Network members are expected to follow all policies and rules. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the policies and ask a board member if you have questions about any policy. There are a great deal of “unwritten” expectations, rules, policies, etc that develop over time in a shared creative space such as Lansing Makers Network. We do our best over time to document those policies so that the entire community understands them.

Generally, we function best when all of our members keep the overall functioning of the space and the community at the forefront of their decision making. On this page, you'll find the collection of rules and policies that we've formally established and documented.

Privacy Policy

LMN has a privacy policy that we follow for all information collected about our members.
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Harassment Policy

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at Lansing Makers Network or its events.
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Guest Policy

  1. All guests are the 100% responsibility of the member sponsoring them.
  2. Sponsoring members must ensure that EVERYONE coming into the space has signed a liability waiver.
    1. (Exceptions can be made for events where NO TOOLS are being used during the event, but no-waiver events require prior approval of the Executive Director)
  3. Guests may use tools UNDER THE DIRECT SUPERVISION OF THE MEMBER, providing that if the tool requires a checkout class, that both the member AND the guest have completed the checkout class.

Members and Minors as Guests

  1. While minors are not able to become official members of Lansing Makers Network, minors are encouraged to participate under their legal guardian’s membership.
  2. Minors must be supervised at all times by their guardian.
  3. All minors must have a minor liability waiver completed and signed by their guardian.
  4. All guests, including minors, are expected to have completed safety training for any tool that requires safety training.

Board of Directors Policies