Architects Preliminary Requirements


  • Power: 440v 3-phase (“heavy power”)
  • Size: 5,000 sq.ft. - 12,000 sq.ft.
    • Office/Finished::Open Area Ratio 50/50, or finishable/divisble by us
  • Restrooms: Men's & Women's (at least two restrooms that we can assign)
  • Parking: 6-12 paved spaces w/ overflow (on street, adjacent lot after hours, etc)
  • Zoning: Light Industrial / Acceptable for Machining
  • Internet access available (provider has a presence, or can reasonably establish one)
  • Ceiling Height: 12'+ (open areas)
  • Access: 1 overhead door
  • Other considerations
    • Concrete floor in open space
    • Acceptable for welding
    • Heated
  • Location: Close freeway access / within or near Lansing freeway loop (69/96/127)
  • Neighborhood: Grandma safe

note: while the requirements are desired, we respect that there may not be a perfect fit.

Principal permitted uses policy

Secondary Considerations

  • Fire suppression (for insurance / occupancy)
  • Certificate of occupancy (no major impediments to occupancy)
  • Accessibility (or reasonably made accessible)
  • Non-multistory OR elevator equipped (for accessibility, large equipment movement, etc)


Individual space data (Currently restricted to board members only)