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The Lansing Makers Network exists to bring diverse people, experiences, and ideas together in a safe environment; to meld technology, art, and culture in new and exciting ways; to share skills, tools, and inspiration; and to marvel at what we make together.

Check out our main website, or the mailing list for more information.

Regular Open Hours: Wed 6-8pm, Sat 1-6pm

Come and check out the space! We are generally open during these hours, but please check the open/closed ticker on the top left corner of the LMN home page under the logo, or this page for updates before heading out.

*Saturday October 3rd 2015 Open Hours are cancelled. Please visit LMN's activities at “How to Halloween”

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in helping out? Would you like to throw your time and expertise behind an ongoing project? Please check out our Working Groups for information about how to contribute. Or contact

Maker Night Projects

Every Sunday @ 7:00pm is Build Night / Maker Night at the space. Each week we work on a group project for the community or the makerspace. Maker Nights are open to the public and are a great opportunity to meet fellow makers, learn something new, and share your skills! No need to wait for the next project, drop-ins at any point in the process are always welcome.

Current Project: 3d Photo Booth (Click for build log)