3d Photo Booth


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3d Photo Booth

Our inaugural build night / maker night project. A photo booth that produces 3D Anaglyph images.

Needed Items / Todo

  • Kiosk Enclosure
  • Curtain
  • Seat
  • EMT tubing (for the curtain frame)
  • 2 webcams (identical)
  • Bill acceptor
  • arduino
  • big buttons
  • 3d glasses (red/blue, NOT polarized) (Nick)
  • dispenser for glasses
  • PC (win) (found)
  • photo printer (Nick)
  • LCD Monitor (found)

Build Log


Discussion of the project as a whole as well as what technologies to use to put it together. We decided on a stand-alone “kiosk” style box that will house the computer, webcam, lcd screen, etc and a separate “popup” booth that can surround it if need be. Brian put together a quick demo in processing (Github Link) to see what it would take to create the image out of two webcams. Nick started working on using a Kinect as the image source (in case we also want it to do cool things where a depth map would be useful).