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Lansing Maker Groups Location Calendar
High Impedance Air Gap electronics makers group
Portland Machinist Guild machinist's guild
Mid-Michigan Woodworkers woodworker's guild
GLLUG the Greater Lansing Linux User Group
Michigan Maker Groups Location Calendar
Go-Tech Maker Works
Michigan Robotics Club
Michigan RepRap Users Group A maker space for kids in Jackson Mi
Jackson Inventors Network
Pumping Station One A maker space in Chicago, Il
Michigan Maker Spaces Location Calendar
i3 Detroit Google Maps
Omnicorp Detroit Google Maps
Mt. Elliot Makerspace Google Maps
All Hands Active Google Maps
Maker Works Google Maps
Techshop Google Maps
The Geek Group Google Maps
District VII A Makerspace/Gallery Google Maps
Sparkfun Continual source of new video blogs about new products and activities
Radio Shack They have returned to selling Electronic kits, generally having several Arduinos, Propellor, Velleman and Parallax kits on the shelves for immediate purchase
Adafruit Industries supplier of parts supplier of parts
2DKits Sparked from Pumping Station One, a source of purchasing LED blinky kits
Velleman USA An original manufacturer of many mini kits
Ramsey Electronics An original manufacturer of many mini kits
Kip Kay videos of quick and fun projects
Ben Heck videos of more involved projects a variety of project videos a variety of project videos
EEVBlog An Off-the-Cuff Video Blog for Electronics Engineers, Hobbyists, Hackers and Makers
The Fat Man and Circuit Girl George, Jeri and others explore prototyping, inventing and creativity every week
Hack a Day serves up fresh projects each day, every day from around the web as well as maker related news a wide diversity of mods, projects and creations