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24in Vinyl Cutter


Status Operational
Zone Crafting
Owner Xarrax Lee
Tool Type Vinyl Cutter
Member Category Coder/Crafter
User Manual laserpoint_manual.pdf
Manufacturer US Cutter
Model LaserPoint 24in
SOPs Link
Checkout Required
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Makes really big and or small stickers

Contacts for training

  • Rose Canino-Koning
  • Brian Adams
  • Nick Kwiatkowski
  • Joe Zimmerman


24 in wide cutter


  1. import vector drawing
  2. ensure the image is a vector.
    1. If not see manuals section “Converting a Raster Image to Vector Image”
  3. select cut
  4. select cut
  5. select finish

Software & Drivers

In short…

Install “SignBlazer Elements for USCutter” The interface to the LaserPoint24 is Serial. The LP24 has both a DB9 or USB. Where the USB will install as a FDTI and should auto install. If needed drivers are available at

SignBlazer is a free design and cutting utility for Windows O/S only. It suits the needs of many customers but lacks much of the power and functionality of true design programs such as,CorelDraw or Inkscape ( The official release of SignBlazer only works in “Trial Mode” but it is fully functional. It also does not require an activation code of any kind; nor do you need to register or update it because it is no longer being developed.


  • Rolls of vinyl
  • Transfer Tape


Please read the following sections of the manual, they are quite short and straight forward.

  • “Selecting a Location for Your Cutter”
  • “Starting SignBlazer”


Please roll and store leftover vinyl, and dispose of vinyl pickings. The cutting blade muat be replaced periodically. Xarrax says the $5 ebay blades broke less often and cut longer than the expensive ones in this machine.