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24in Vinyl Cutter


Status Operational
Zone Crafting
Owner Xarrax Lee
Tool Type Vinyl Cutter
Member Category Coder/Crafter
User Manual laserpoint_manual.pdf
Manufacturer US Cutter
Model LaserPoint 24in
SOPs Link
Checkout Required
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Makes really big and or small stickers

Contacts for training

  • Rose Canino-King
  • Brian Adams
  • Nick Kwiatkowski
  • Joe Zimmerman


24 in wide cutter


  1. import vector drawing
  2. ensure the image is a vector.
    1. If not see manuals section “Converting a Raster Image to Vector Image”
  3. select cut
  4. select cut
  5. select finish

Software & Drivers

In short…

Install “SignBlazer Elements for USCutter” The interface to the LaserPoint24 is Serial. The LP24 has both a DB9 or USB. Where the USB will install as a FDTI and should auto install. If needed drivers are available at

SignBlazer is a free design and cutting utility for Windows O/S only. It suits the needs of many customers but lacks much of the power and functionality of true design programs such as,CorelDraw or Inkscape ( The official release of SignBlazer only works in “Trial Mode” but it is fully functional. It also does not require an activation code of any kind; nor do you need to register or update it because it is no longer being developed.


Rolls of vinyl


Google it

Actually read the following sections of the manual, they are quite short and straight forward.

  • “Selecting a Location for Your Cutter”
  • “Starting SignBlazer”


Keep it clean