Board Proposal 015

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  • Sponsor: Jasmine O.
  • Co-Sponsor:
  • Status: Approved


This proposal outlines a procedure for introducing new members to the organization.


Adding a new member to Lansing Makers Network will require the following:

  1. The new member should meet all requirements for membership. At the time of this proposal, this means the member must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. The new member must fill out and sign all items in the new member packet, including:
    1. A membership application. This must also be signed by a director or officer, and the information should be verified with photo ID.
    2. A copy of the anti-harassment and privacy policies.
    3. A copy of the new member orientation checklist. The new member should be taken through this checklist by a director or officer, who will also sign indicating they performed the orientation.
  3. After the new member packet has been completed, the new member should coordinate payment of their initial dues with the treasurer. Only after payment of the first month’s dues have cleared will the new member have access to their benefits.
  4. Approval of membership and payment, along with the door access code, will be delivered in the form of a confirmation email from the secretary or treasurer.


From 07/16/2013:

  1. Struck the sub-items from the second section indicating a requirement to sign the harassment and privacy policies. The membership agreement includes a clause that already covers this.