Meeting called to order at 7:13pm

Present: B. Adams, C. Raymond, N. Kwiatkowski, M. Flaga, Jasmine O., T. Schmidt(Remote)

Chair. B. Adams Secretary: R. Schott

With no objections, the agenda was approved.

With no objections, the minutes from the July 2, 2013 meeting were approved.

Officers' Reports

  • C. Raymond gave a treasurer's report.
  • R. Schott had no items to cover for a secretary's report.
  • B. Adams gave a President's report.
    • Discussed potential quotes for insurance

Pat Shafer was invited to discuss co-tenancy and security issues with the board.

  • B. Adams proposed that for the time being, the door code should not be given to any new members, and a committee should be formed to work with Pat on addressing security issues. Jasmine O., N. Kwiatkowski, and R. Schott volunteered to make up that committee. The motion PASSED with no objections.

Board Proposal 015 - Adoption of a member orientation procedure

  • B. Adams proposed amending the proposal as follow: Remove the language from article 2. requiring the harassment and privacy policies to be signed as the membership application includes language indicating that the member agrees to all LMN policies.
    • The motion PASSED unanimously and the proposal was amended.
  • B. Adams called for a vote on the proposal as amended. The motion PASSED unanimously.

Board Proposal 016 - Adoption of a basic access and security policy

  • N. Kwiatkowski proposed modifying article 3 to read “Installation of security cameras in the space should be investigated.”. The motion to amend was PASSED unanimously.
  • M. Flaga proposed modifying the language in article 2 to read “Sponsor must remain on the property while the meeting is taking place”. The motion PASSED unanimously.
  • B. Adams proposed tabling the proposal until a committee could meet to refine it re: Pat Shafer's concerns. The motion PASSED unanimously.

Board Proposal 017 - Scheduling elections for vacant board position(s)

  • No amendments were proposed. B. Adams called for a vote and the motion was PASSED unanimously.

Board Proposal 018 - Statement of Appreciation for Kaben Nanholy

  • No amendments were proposed. B. Adams called for a vote and the motion was PASSED unanimously.

With no other business to address, N. Kwiatkowski moved to adjourn. With no objections the meeting adjourned at 8:02pm.