Wood Shop Working Group


Plan and build out the wood shop furnishings.

Group Members

  • Carl Lance
  • Cliff Bohm
  • Joe Zimmerman
  • Dan Zimmerman

How YOU can help:

Please feel free to edit this wiki page, or send a message to members@lansingmakersnetwork.org.

  • Tell us your needs or concerns about the wood shop. Make suggestions or ask questions.
  • Join this working group!
    • To do that, edit this wiki page add your name, and send a message to members@lansingmakersnetwork.org.

Major Areas of Attention

Below are proposals about how to proceed. The goal is to create a well-equipped, comfortable shop that suits both our experienced and emerging woodworkers. Because it is a shared shop, some considerations apply. Often, two or more people will be working at the same time, and so the shop needs to be reconfigurable. As much as possible should be on wheels, so that it can be rearranged easily. Unlike a personal shop, where the location of every tool will be known by the owner, in our shop, each tool will need an obvious home, so it can be easily found and later put away in the same place. Constant searching for tools can add a lot of frustration to the shop experience.


This work will be planned out in conjunction with the Electrical Upgrades Working Group.

  • Three-phase power for the CNC wood router
  • Outlets on north wall
  • Separate the lighting and machinery circuits
  • Add second light switch at the large doorway

Tool Storage

French Cleat Walls

Use a French cleat system on the walls to hold tools and upper cabinets. On the north wall, cover the right half, and on the west wall, cover the left half. (The CNC router takes up the remaining space.) This would go from counter height up, to allow for benches and stationary tools below. Apply 1/2“ plywood over the drywall for a more durable and stronger surface, and attach cleats. Build hangers for screwdrivers and small tools, clamps, and individual shelves for power tools (e.g., a palm sander).


Miter Saw Bench

Build a long miter saw bench on the north wall. This could be open below, or have cabinets, or some of both. Above it are the French cleats.


Build another rolling workbench, like the existing one, or build two smaller versions.