Electrical Upgrades Working Group


To add more electrical outlets and ensure machinery has adequate AC electrical hookups.

Working Group Members:

How YOU can help:

Please feel free to edit this wiki page, or send a message to members@lansingmakersnetwork.org
  • Help answer some of the questions below.
  • Tell us your needs or concerns.
  • Join this working group!
    • To do that, edit this wiki page add your name, and send a message to members@lansingmakersnetwork.org.


  • Upgrades must be done in a formal legal way.
  • Existing circuits needs to be modified such that tools and lights are not on the same circuits.

Current Setup:

Questions that need to be addressed:

(Educated guesses are okay here)

  1. Which areas need additional outlets?
    • Lounge
    • Wood shop
    • Jewelry bench
  2. What machines require 220 vs 208?
  3. What are the legal requirements for adding electrical?
    • Do we need a site plan?
  4. What is our realistic max budget?


Items to recommend:

  • Subpanel in woodshop?
    • Pros:
      • ??
    • Cons:
      • ??
    • Info:
      • ??


Items to research:

  • ??


  • add links and research
  • Contact members asking for advice on each area
  • Figure out what breakers are controlling which circuits
  • Setup a meeting night for those interested in helping with this project
  • Get quotes from electricians.