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December 2nd 2016 7pm This is Novembers meeting delayed due to the holidays.

  1. Reviewed Membership and Treasurer Reports
  2. Discussed budget Planning for 2017
  3. Monday Dec 12 - Capital Area Manufacturers Council.
  4. Arts Council meeting Friday 9th, to discuss renewing.
  5. Discussion about Cleaning up the Space, both during regular.
  6. Nation of Makers
    1. LMN is a founding member.
    2. LMN has one vote for NoM its board.
  7. Maker Community Meeting
    1. LMN will send a representative to the December meeting at Boys and Girls Club
  8. “Forging Women at Lansing Makers Network”
    1. LMN is a 10 ten finalist
    2. Bernzomatic Gran - “Discussion about potential implementations”
    3. Remember to Vote and try to get others to vote
  9. Debrief “Women's Forging Class”
    1. It was success. All persons finished a thing and were able to take it home.
    2. Looking to have another class on short notice.