07-20-2015 Agenda

Location: LMN (502 E. Grand River Ave., 48906)

When: 07-20-2015 @ 7:00pm

Meeting Agenda


Treasurer's Report [C. Raymond]

President's Report [B. Adams]

Space Committee Report [J. Applegate]

New Business

Approve Previous Minutes [B. Adams]

Update new member procedures to include giving a copy of the Lockout Tagout procedures tri-fold (also teach other board members how to do that) [J. Zimmerman]

Member registry / Member welcome message [J. Zimmerman]

Leasing tools, purchasing member tools, etc. [J. Zimmerman]

Fellowship fund [J. Zimmerman]

Purchasing new tools. (Laser cutter) Crowdfunded vs LMN contributions etc. [J. Zimmerman]

Move in date for new space & whether we want to pursue alternative prior to cold weather [J. Zimmerman]

Mach 3 for shapeoko (mike suggested keeping software the same between machines) [J. Zimmerman]

Holt Maker Expo [J. Zimmerman]