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Meeting called to order: 7:15

In attendance: B. Adams, C. Raymond, E. Symanzik, T. Schmidt, R. Schott, J. O'Jibway, N. Kwiatkowski

Absent: M. Flaga

Chair: B. Adams Secretary: T. Schmidt

:NOTE: Action items in bold.

B. Adams: Call for approval of 11-07-2012 Minutes
Minutes approved (unanimous)

C. Raymond: Test donations through Amazon payments and School Factory accidentally diverted to another account.

RESOLVED: remove Amazon and Paypal donate buttons from the website.

C. Raymond: Incubator activities need tax evaluation as they may fall under unrelated business

C. Raymond: Presented some 3 year financial projections

Action::C. Raymond: draft facebook post for holiday donation drive
B. Adams: Discussed Genesee St. School financial details
Action::N. Kwiatkowski: Get more details on the Walter French Academy

Adjourned: 9:04