Meeting called to order: 7:07

In attendance: B. Adams, C. Raymond, M. Flaga, E. Symanzik, T. Schmidt, R. Schott, Jasmine O., N. Kwiatkowski

Chair: B. Adams
Secretary: T. Schmidt

:NOTE: Action items in bold.

B. Adams: Motion to approve agenda
Agenda approved.

B. Adams: Call for approval of 10-17-2012 Minutes
Minutes approved (unanimous)

Those present toured the building and discussed it's merits.

RESOLVED: While waiting for more information from the school district, availability of the Bean and Hosmer buildings will be re-checked. Board members will make an effort to visit both locations before the next meeting.

RESOLVED: Location deadline extended to the date of next regular board meeting.

C. Raymond: Nearly $1,100 bank balance, wrote draft IP policy
Action::C. Raymond: find revenue rulings we can cite for our 1023, ask i3 for a copy of their 1023

M. Flaga: Model railroad show is Nov 18, we get two passes.
Action::M. Flaga: Add event to google calendar

B. Adams: Presented at the Downtown Neighborhood Association, will be meeting with the Lansing City Schools superintendent.

N. Kwiatkowski: Discussed the Knapp center, and Walter French buildings.

Adjourned: 8:56