Meeting called to order: 7:13

In attendance: B. Adams, C. Raymond, M. Flaga, E. Symanzik, Jasmine O., R. Schott, N. Kwiatkowski

Chair: B. Adams
Secretary: B. Adams

:NOTE: Action items in bold.

B. Adams: Motion to approve agenda
Agenda approved.

B. Adams: Call for approval of 09-05-2012 Minutes
Minutes approved (unanimous)

C. Raymond: Reported monthly donation totals ($370) and first year montly dues totals ($800)
C. Raymond: Discussed spreadsheet of potential dues (On Google Drive)

B. Adams: Call for approval of Board Measure 004 - Fix number of directors at 7
Measure Passed (unanimous)

B. Adams: Call for approval of Board Measure 005 - Appoint N. Kwiatkowski to board of directors
Measure Passed (unanimous)

M. Flaga: Occupancy permit likely not required as long as modifications not done to space (Advice from LEAP).
N. Kwiatkowski: Clarified that the City has the option to inspect on change of tenant.

M. Flaga: For zoning we need to draft a list of activities to propose to the city. General rule has been “no harm, no foul”.
Action::M. Flaga: Will start draft of activities and share with Board for input.

B. Adams: Clarification of tax-exempt status in relation to property taxes. Exemption requires we own _and_ occupy.
N. Kwiatkowski: Potential exists to work with the EDC's for potential abatements.

B. Adams: Discussion of todo-list items directly related to opening space
Action::B. Adams: Will post list of todo items to wiki in priority order.
Action::ALL: Will note in list items that they will take on.
Action::B. Adams: Will contact School Factory for advice on insurance needs / policies

N. Kwiatkowski: Suggested that board members should strongly consider professional liability insurance.
Action::N. Kwiatkowski: Will forward to board list the coverage that he has as an example.

B. Adams: Discussion of Oktoberfest event/todo.
Action::B. Adams: Will write blog post about event.
Action::B. Adams: Will write summary/info/press release about event.
Action::B. Adams: Will create flyer for event.
Action::B. Adams: Will create postcard matching styling of brochure.
Action::C. Raymond: Will purchase / make donation box.

M. Flaga: Updated on Clinton St. and Kalamazoo properties. Clinton St. won't work for us.
B. Adams: Considers Kalamazoo property a potential back-up space.

Meeting adjourned: 9:33