Meeting called to order 7:22

In attendance: M. Flaga, E. Symanzik, R. Schott, Jasmine O., Carl Raymond, B. Adams, Will Kauth

Chair: B. Adams Secretary: B. Adams

:NOTE: Action items in bold.

E. Symanzik: Motion to approve agenda

M. Flaga: Amend to agenda – Brochoure notes and Michigan Ave Property

Agenda approved with amendments.

C. Raymond: 501c3 application – Feasable to do on our own. Templates exist from other makerspaces. Will make a Google Doc, answering the narrative questions for the IRS1023.

C. Raymond: In-kind Contributions – Recording out of pocket expenses/in-kind income. Turn receipts into Carl. Email PDF to or hand it to Carl.

M. Flaga: OTCA Meeting – Good Meeting, OTCA is helping us be in old town.

M. Flaga: Updates on two properties. (Hosmer & Clinton)

B. Adams: Will ask leap about property taxes for non-profits. (Does the property owner still have to pay taxes if a nonprofit is their tenant.)

B. Adams: CBRE – Realtor interested in helping us find space and will forward any requests we have to the landlords she represents. Board members should look at the list of properties sent by email and let B. Adams know what properties we are interested in visiting. Will then work with CBRE to schedule a time to visit as many of the properties as possibile.

R. Schott: Gone Wired – Let them know when and they'll stay open if people are buying food/drinks/etc. Starting on the 15th of September

M. Flaga: Fulton's – not interested in helping with space, will give discount

Jasmine O.: Michigan Ave. – Update on property. Will schedule walk-through with other board members.

Jasmine O.: Brochure – Design is finished, ideally for handing out to businesses and groups that could partner with us.

B. Adams: Will tweak brochure and send to everyone for final approval

B. Adams: Bootstrapping –

  1. What can we afford for first month ?
  2. What can we agree to donate per month ?

All board members will start donating some sum monthly to the Treasurer ASAP.

All board members will email the treasurer their 1-year monthly allowance for recurring donations when we have a space by Friday. This will be used to determine our “strike” price when negotiating with a landlord.

C. Raymond: Made contact with Quilter's Guild.

Deadline to locate a space or execute fall-back plan: 11/7/2012 board meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 9:29