This meeting of the Board of Directors of Lansing Makers Network was held at the TechSmith building at 2405 Woodlake Drive, Okemos, MI on Wednesday 08-15-2012, at 7:15PM EST.

Present were: Brian Adams, Carl Raymond, Michael Flaga, Ed Symanzik, and Jasmine O., being persons designated as the Directors in the Articles of Incorporation and/or participating as directors of the Board of Directors. Also in attendance, Randy Schott.

Chair: Brian Adams

Meeting called to order by the chair at 7:15pm

MOTION: Approval of Agenda, Carl Raymond

With approval of the board, the Chair acted in the capacity of Secretary for this meeting.

RESOLVED: Organizational members policy/procedure approved. (Link)

Carl Raymond: Great Lakes Folk Festival was a missed opportunity.

Ed Symanzik: Model railroad expo in Nov. at MSU pavilion. We should have some presence.

Jasmin O. will have the brochure ready for comments by our next regular meeting.

Brian Adams will have small cards printed by our next regular meeting.

RESOLVED: Carl Raymond will look into preparing our own 501c3 application

Discussion regarding location and feasibility of Makerfest.

  1. Consensus was that it likely will need to be scaled back.
  2. It may make sense to hold it alongside another event (Octoberfest, Scrapfest, etc)

Meeting adjourned: 8:36pm