Becoming an Affiliated Group

A large part of Lansing Makers Network's mission is to spread the word about all of the clubs, groups and organizations in our area that are focused on making. We want to help connect Lansing area makers with the groups and clubs that are doing what they love to do or are interested in learning more about.

What We'll Do

  • Help connect area makers with your organization.
  • List your organization and logo on our organizations page and on the website.
  • Provide access to the space to hold your regular meetings.

What Your Organization Will Do

  • Help connect your membership to the Lansing Makers Network population.
  • Include on your website that your organization is part of Lansing Makers Network.
  • Hold your organization's regular meetings in the space.
    • The major caveat to this: If the space works for you to hold your meetings.

How To Join

  • Send an email to and let us know you'd like to be an organizational member.
  • We recommend naming a liaison from your group to join us at LMN meetings so that we can better represent the makers in our community.

There's nothing to sign or anything of the like. This is very much a low-stress agreement

  • Becoming an organizational member doesn't mean that your members become members of Lansing Makers Network or vice-versa.
  • We're all about finding ways to bring the greater Lansing community together as makers, so if you have an idea that could further that goal, email us and let us know.