The fourth meeting of the Board of Directors of Lansing Makers Network was held at the TechSmith building at 2405 Woodlake Drive, Okemos, MI on Wednesday 06-20-2012, at 7:10PM EST.

Present were: Brian Adams, Carl Raymond, Timothy Schmidt, Michael Flaga, Ed Symanzik, and Jasmine O., being persons designated as the Directors in the Articles of Incorporation and/or participating as directors of the Board of Directors. Also in attendance, Randy Schott.

The Chair welcomed all present and began the meeting's business.

Timothy Schmidt motioned to approve the agenda. Jasmine O. seconded.

RESOLVED, that the agenda is approved.

The Chair then motioned to approve the last meeting's minutes.

RESOLVED, that the minutes of the Jun 7 meeting are approved.

The Treasurer reported a $200 donation, and the current status of Lansing Makers Network's Amazon Payments account. The Treasurer also shared a draft donation receipt.

RESOLVED, that an equipment section be added to the donation receipt.

Brian Adams shared details from his most recent meeting with the Lansing Economic Area Partnership.

Integrating the location checklist and location criteria was suggested. After some discussion, a list of criteria was drafted.

RESOLVED, that the list of location criteria is approved, and shall be submitted by Brian Adams to LEAP.

Timothy Schmidt summarized LMN's first Social Fun Time event, and contact with Carl Lance.

Ed Symanzik detailed progress on the business plan, and asked that board members consider section 1.3.

Discussion moved to making contact with local libraries, then classes.

Michael Flaga suggested that course material including presentations and lesson plans for many maker-related classes is available online. Timothy Schmidt suggested that links be added to classes.

The Chair then called for a 10 minute recess.

Communications strategy was discussed.

RESOLVED, that Brian Adams, Carl Raymond, and Randy Schott will manage communications via http://www.lansingmakersnetwork.org, and the LMN Announce mailing list.

RESOLVED, that the Lansing Makers Network http://www.meetup.com account be cancelled.

RESOLVED, that Randy Schott will register Lansing Makers Network youtube and eventbrite accounts.

RESOLVED, that Timothy Schmidt will integrate Pumping Station One's wiki event howto into Lansing Makers Network's wiki.

Do-ocracy was discussed.

RESOLVED, that Brian Adams will investigate tax exemption with the city of Dewitt.

RESOLVED, that School Factory be adopted as fiscal sponsor.

Michael Flaga offered to collect lists of events attended by local organizations.

That concluding the matters at hand, The Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and dismissed the meeting at 10:29PM EST.