The third meeting of the Board of Directors of Lansing Makers Network was held at the TechSmith building at 2405 Woodlake Drive, Okemos, MI on Wednesday 06-07-2012, at 7:15PM EST.

Present were: Carl Raymond, Timothy Schmidt, Michael Flaga, Ed Symanzik, and Jasmine O., being persons designated as the Directors in the Articles of Incorporation and/or participating as directors of the Board of Directors. Also in attendance, Randy Schott, Rachel Prevatt. Absent: Brian Adams.

In The President's absence, The Secretary, Timothy Schmidt, chaired this meeting.

The Chair welcomed all present and began the meeting's business.

Ed Symanzik motioned to approve the agenda. Jasmine O. seconded.

RESOLVED, that the agenda is approved.

The Chair then motioned to approve the last meeting's minutes.

RESOLVED, that the minutes of the May 16 meeting are approved.

The Treasurer reported Lansing Makers Network's current financial status, and purchasing checks was discussed.

RESOLVED, that The Treasurer will investigate check prices, and report his findings.

Graphic design matters were discussed.

Rachel Prevatt summarized the events and attendance of Lansing Maker Network's “Social Fun Time”.

The Chair moved the discussion to Board Proposal 002, a proposal to authorize the treasurer or their designee to open an Amazon Payments account to accept donations via the website.

RESOLVED, that Board Proposal 002 is approved.

Ed Symanzik summarized a conference call with MakeIt Labs' Joe Schlessinger, and updated the board on progress with the business plan.

The Chair then suggested the organization establish an immediate fund raising goal. There was some discussion of the goal, matching grants, and their interaction.

RESOLVED, that Lansing Makers Network set an immediate fund raising goal of $20,000.

Board members were encouraged to think of $3,000 as a personal fund raising goal.

Timothy Schmidt informed the board of School Factory's responses to it's questions, and pledged to forward the email to the board mailing list.

The Chair called for a five minute recess before further business.

After rejoining, there was much discussion surrounding Board Proposal 003, a proposal to update our mission statement to further emphasize our commitment to supporting under-served populations and to provide a direct community benefit.

Ed Symanzik proposed a new mission statement, to which Carl Raymond proposed revisions. With input from Timothy Schmidt, Michael Flaga, Jasmine O., Randy Schott, and Rachel Prevatt.

Board Proposal 003 was then amended with the new language.

RESOLVED, that Board Proposal 003 is approved.

There was some discussion of wiki-related issues, collaboration, and contact information.

That concluding the matters at hand, The Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and dismissed the meeting at 10:38PM EST.