The second meeting of the Board of Directors of Lansing Makers Network was held at the Washington Street Armory building on Wednesday 05-16-2012, at 7:00PM EST.

Present were: Brian Adams, Carl Raymond, Timothy Schmidt, Michael Flaga, Ed Symanzik, and Jasmine O., being persons designated as the Directors in the Articles of Incorporation and/or participating as directors of the Board of Directors. Also in attendance, Randy Schott, Stephen Butler.

As the previous meeting's minutes had been approved by email, the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was skipped.

The President welcomed all present and began the meeting's business by motioning to approve the agenda. The Secretary seconded.

RESOLVED, that the agenda is approved.

The President stated that the terms of the founding directors must be chosen, according to the bylaws of Lansing Makers Network. The President then suggested a method for allocating those terms.

RESOLVED, that founding directors be allowed to voluntarily accept a term of three years, and that abstaining founding directors will draw randomly from the remaining terms.

Jasmine O. voluntarily accepted a term of three years. The remaining founding directors chose randomly. The resulting terms are as follows:

Ed Symanzik: Four years
Michael Flaga: Five years
Carl Raymond: Five years
Timothy Schmidt: Four years
Brian Adams: Three years

The President then motioned to adopt Board Proposal 001, a conflict of interest policy consistent with IRS 501©(3) rules.

RESOLVED, that Board Proposal 001 is approved.

Brian Adams, Carl Raymond, Timothy Schmidt, Michael Flaga, and Jasmine O. initialed and signed copies of the conflict of interest policy, and presented them to The Secretary. Ed Symanzik, requiring further review, will present a signed copy to The Secretary at the next regular meeting of the board of directors.

Fiscal sponsorship was discussed. A number of questions for potential fiscal sponsors such as School Factory were raised.

Discussion moved to the Business Plan. Ed Symanzik suggested that the MakeIT Labs plan may not be the best starting point.

RESOLVED, that Ed Symanzik is to secure, from Joseph Schlesinger, an account of the events unforeseen in the MakeIT Labs business plan, and changes intended to address them.

A marketing survey was discussed. The President informed the board that a survey had already been conducted, and that another was unlikely to be of benefit.

The President welcomed Stephen Butler, graphic designer. Lansing Makers Network marketing material design considerations were discussed, including a cohesive brand identity over cards, pamphlets, fliers, banners, posters, and die-cuts. Stephen Butler will contact the board of directors when his work is ready to present.

RESOLVED, Timothy Schmidt will email a simple business card template to the board of directors.

RESOLVED, that Timothy Schmidt and Brian Adams will conduct a quick introduction to wiki editing at the next regular board meeting.

Fund raising was discussed.

RESOLVED, that Randy Schott will inquire with TechSmith about allowing Lansing Makers Network to teach classes in their facilities.

RESOLVED, that Timothy Schmidt and Brian Adams will inquire with i3 Detroit, and their insurer, about a referral bonus.

Post Office Box fees were discussed.

RESOLVED, that Lansing Makers Network does not currently require a post office box, and that donations may be mailed directly to The Treasurer's residence.

That concluding the matters at hand, The President thanked everyone for their attendance and dismissed the meeting at 9:14PM EST.