Facilities Principal permitted uses policy

:NOTE: This is a preliminary work in progress.

The intent of LMN is to facilitate community effort in making non-commodity items. And as such common activities will include occasional use of small to light industrial equipment. Ranging from hand tools, to table mounted tools and floor mounted tools.

Operation of the equipment, material storage and use will comply to local laws. As not to inconvenience the immediate community. All equipment will be operated within the facilities premise. No equipment will be operated outside of the building premise after 9pm.

The facility shall prohibit the prolonged making, creation or maintenance of such excessive, unnecessary, unnatural or unusually loud noises and odors.

Only commonly available material (chemicals) and volumes of such, not requiring permits shall be used or housed on premise.

The facility may host events and activities, which must comply with local laws, as not to inconvenience the immediate community.

The facility may host experimental, research or development laboratory may be permitted in an F or F-1 Commercial District. All activities shall be conducted within an enclosed structure.

Any other use which, by the decision of the Planning Board, is similar to the principally permitted uses set forth in this section; A private club, fraternal organization or lodge hall;