Laser cutter has been purchased and delivered. The information below is for archive purposes

New Laser Cutter Working Group


To research and recommend an additional laser cutter to be purchased by LMN.

Working Group Members:

How YOU can help:

Please feel free to edit this wiki page, or send a message to
  • Help answer some of the questions below.
  • Tell us your needs or concerns.
  • Join this working group!
    • To do that, edit this wiki page add your name, and send a message to



Questions that need to be addressed:

(Educated guesses are okay here)

  1. What kind of materials and how thick can we cut with:
    • 60 Watt cutter
    • 80 Watt cutter
  2. What kind of infrastructure improvements will this need?
    • Power
    • Venting
  3. What can we expect for support?
    • Will it be supported by an ebay distributor?
    • Will we need a Chinese speaker?
  4. What software will we need?
    • Some of these cutters list several supported graphics formats but not gcode.
    • How do we mix cutting and engraving?
    • Will we also need to purchase AutoCAD or the like?
  5. Keep in mind the weight and door size if we get a larger laser.

Items to research:

  • Ebay Laser Cutters
    • Do any of these have forum followings such as the K40 does?


  • $2500, of which 50% needs to be raised in new donations.
  • Any funds raised in excess of the 50% match will increase the Equipment Purchase line item, for the purpose of purchasing the laser.

Fund Raising:

  • FIXME Ideas are needed here

To Do:

  • Create a Grid on this wiki with links, prices, wattage, cutting size, and additional notes.