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Contact information: My username found in the URL of this page @gmail


Items I have for loan, that I'd be happy to bring to LMN:

  • Benchtop disc/belt sander
  • Dremel tool and dremel and some accessories like a drill press for it.
  • Compound miter saw.
    • It has a nice folding stand which makes it really easy to move.
  • Table saw with built in router table. I don't really know if we are going to need it though, sounds like you've already got one handy.
  • Another table saw (needs fence repair) (Available for sale if anyone is interested)
  • Many micro controller related items like arduinos etc.
  • VEX robotics sets (2 large sets with tons of parts and radio controllers)
  • Ouya - Android game console

Things I would be willing to donate:

  • Computers and monitors able to run CNC equipment, or for other needs.
  • Various computer parts for any needs. I have more than any one single person could possibly need.
  • Various electronics. switches, wires, many other small parts
  • Other misc 18volt tools that I have duplicates of.
  • Misc hand tools that I don't need duplicates of at my house
  • Various paints, cleaners and other chemicals.

Please contact me if you think LMN needs any of these tools brought in, I'd be happy to bring them in as they are needed by other members.

Things I've already loaned to LMN:

  • .NET Gadgeteer boards, sensors, robots
  • USB LEAP Motions sensors
  • CNC embroidery sewing machine that does one color at a time.
    • There is some hacking potential here to upload new patterns etc to it. Right now it's good for letters and some pre-loaded artwork.
  • Small scroll saw
  • Small band saw
  • 30 Gallon Air compressor and hoses
  • Various pneumatic tools (drill, 3 impact wrenches, 3/8 ratchet, air-hammer, etc.. In portable red toolbox)
  • Shapeoko 3axis CNC router
    • I've got the parts to turn this tool into a 4' x 4' workable area, I think I'm going to pick up a table from MSU surplus so this particular tool has a stand large enough. There is a PC for controlling this router, with a 14“ touchscreen monitor. There is a much bigger dewalt spiral saw installed compared to the website showing a dremel tool (which is also available), Various parts that I have ready to upgrade this tool, like a dust separator vacuum attachment and a high volume air pump for tool cooling while cutting plastics.
  • Vortex dust separator
  • PC and drives for zoneminder security cameras, also some cameras.
  • Welder, welder cart, auto darkening shield, gloves, welding blanket, and other misc welding equipment.
    • I've been told we cannot weld inside of the Temple club, I think we could run a power cord outside and weld there.
  • Feed roller stand
  • flip down feed table stand
  • Brad Nailer
  • Multi-Drawer steelcase datacard file cabinet
  • 30” metal brake.
  • 12' Blow up projector screen.

Things donated to LMN:

  • 18 volt ryobi drill, batteries and charger.
  • 18 volt ryobi impact driver
  • Many misc CNC parts
  • Misc wires and electronics (need to be sorted yet)
  • Metal storage shelf
  • Plastic storage shelf
  • Chairs (3)
  • Shop Vac
  • Large Table
  • Red plastic toolbox
  • Plastic parts storage boxes