Board Proposal 018

Summary Details


Recognize the contributions of Kaben Nanholy with a Proclamation of Appreciation


WHEREAS Kaben Nanlohy joined Lansing Makers Network only two short months ago with the worthy goal of serving the community by undertaking a useful project during his final weeks in town; and

WHEREAS he demonstrated initiative and leadership in taking on the task of completing and making operational Lansing Makers Network’s first and only laser cutter, and through his skill and effort has taken a mere pile of parts and made those motors dance and made that laser burn; and

WHEREAS he must now leave us and move to Louisiana, because his girlfriend got a job there; now be it

RESOLVED that the Lansing Makers Network Board of Directors and Members formally express their gratitude and appreciation for his substantial progress with this important project; and be it further

RESOLVED that we wish him safe travels, and success in all his future endeavors; and finally be it

RESOLVED that Kaben Nanlohy shall henceforth and everywhere be known as a Friend of Lansing Makers Network, with all attendant rights and privileges, and welcome at any time to come in, sit down, and take a load off.