Board Proposal 017

Summary Details


Establish procedure for director election on 8/20/2013


WHEREAS vacancies currently exist on the board of directors, the following procedure shall be used to fill those vacancies.

  1. The nomination phase shall commence upon adoption of the proposal and shall conclude on 7/31/2013.
  2. Members may be nominated for election to the board of directors by emailing
  3. Individuals may self-nominate.
  4. The Secretary shall confirm each nominee's:
    1. qualification, as outlined in the bylaws, to serve as a director;
    2. willingness to serve as a director (in the case of a nomination by other than the nominee);
Election Phase
  1. Election shall be held on 8/20/2013 @ 7:30pm.
  2. Votes shall be cast, in person, by secret ballot.
  3. Members may cast votes for as many nominees as there are vacancies as of the date of election.
  4. The Secretary shall confirm members' qualification, as outlined in the bylaws, when accepting the member's ballot.
  5. Ballots shall be tallied by the secretary immediately following the conclusion of voting, in full view of any member wishing to observe the tallying.
  6. The nominee(s) with the greatest total number of votes, up to the number of vacancies being filled shall be elected.
  1. The Secretary shall obtain a signed conflict of interest policy from each elected director BEFORE the elected director may serve in any board capacity.

The communications team shall provide notification to the public mailing list:

  1. procedure and deadlines for nomination as a director;
  2. date and procedure of election;
  3. names of all nominees at the conclusion of the nomination phase.

In accordance with the bylaws the notification of the meeting to elect directors shall be made no later than one month before the date of the election.