Delta 3d Printer

Mission: To create a delta based 3d printer for donation to LMN

I Joe Zimmerman proposed to donate 50% of the cost of time and materials in creating a delta 3d printer such as the rostock

Some basic discussion has been started here:!topic/lansing-makers-network/y3_D3-leakI

  1. Determine which style printer we will attempt to build.
  2. Decide on additional Electronics
  3. Other electronics needed
    • Stepper motors These were supplied from Dean Piper from Muve
    • extruder heater(s)
    • power supply(s)
    • heated bed

9/18/2013. Rumba and endstops ordered from reprapdiscount.

We need to source the stepper motors and additional electronics. Ask Mike about the cost of the steppers from

9/27/2013. Rumba, endstops, wiring kit, arrived.

There are 4 matching Nema 17 motors on the shapoko in the basement. (3 on the machine and 1 spare) I think these will work and we can take them and replace the motors on the shapoko with Nema 23's

Brent Morse also has offered up some stepper motors. I also have a bunch of motors pulled from machines. 3 motors should be identical, it would be nice to have a total of 6 motors on hand.

I saw a video of a rostock with quick change heads, this one in particular was making a pancake. (watch the attached video)

I think I'd like to know more about the pros and cons of quick change heads. I'd love to have 2 or 3 color extrusion, this might be a good way to do that without adding inertia problems to the head itself.

10/2/2013 The rumba kit is in, located near the laser cutter by the delta printer board

rumba board sd card reader heat sinks wires fan end stops temp sensors pulleys

I stole the heat sinks from this for the solidoode2 printer I have. I've ordered replacements, they will be here by Thursday. Heat sinks have been replaced and installed.

I've also ordered and LCD screen hopefully it's easy to integrate with this board.

A Half built rostock with motors, but not electronics was donated by Dean Piper from Muve3d