- Open 7:05pm

  1. Approval Agenda
  2. General Discussion about last years 2018 performance.
    1. revenue and expense were $4K less then year prior
    2. Net is the same from the year prior
    3. 104 Members served for 2018, which is up from year prior
      1. currently member ship for last 30 days is 59
    4. In summary it appears that we spent more effort in internal improvements, rather than growth.
    5. Had area manager regularly
    6. The open hours and Volunteer Membership are now being used.
    7. Improving automation, such as forms and posting classes, link them between EventBright and other postings.
    8. Improving procedural documentation for other staff.
    9. Change from member board to Director board.
  3. suggestions for 2019 priorities
    1. identifying board members
    2. define clear responsibilities for board
    3. advisory board
    4. define the division between the board and staff
    5. getting board members to participate in community efforts.
    6. address future locations
    7. establish a 2019 budget
    8. challenges
      1. we need to improve our marketing and fund-raising and or get advice and assistance
      2. look at schedule training MNA non-profit network.
        1. Brian is enrolled in Non-Profit Network's 8 week executive director academy.
      3. expand the ways we market
      4. fundraising
        1. sponsorship's, silent auction, etc…
    9. Create News letter
    10. future discussion about “contributing membership”
    11. How can we improve the boards functioning.
      1. discussion about the current dual role of executive director and board president and separation of duties.
    12. Discussion about new lease and or location.
  4. Adjourned - 8:39pm