- Open 7:11pm

  1. Approval Agenda
    1. Approved as is
  2. Approval Minutes
    1. Approved as is
  3. President Report
    1. No Treasurer
    2. Silver Bells -
      1. went very well making blinky's in a warm place
      2. CADL is funding near cost total of $400USD
    3. Area Managers Update
      1. 3 of 5 were present
      2. working on new classes
      3. how to handle potential of new members
      4. renamed talks private of area manager group to staff
    4. On Going work updates
      1. By-Laws review. waiting for Kat's review.
    5. Space Search
      1. will be calling Foresberg, Walter French and submit Site Search to LEAP
      2. ask current landlord for shorter lease
    6. Open Hours Membership
      1. getting feed back on planning
      2. 4d a week, 26 hours for $35/month
      3. 3 volunteers while we are open
      4. remaining challenges
        1. we are going to need initial volunteers to boot strap
        2. Marketing Plan, to find right way to promote
        3. POS system may require a cash drawer
        4. need method to check in Open Hour Members
        5. How to politely/properly close out after Open Hours
        6. Method for printing member cards
        7. update to member portal
        8. electronic signing of waivers
    7. adjourned
      1. 8:07pm