- Open 7:05pm

  1. Approval Agenda
    1. approved as is
  2. approval of minutes
    1. tabled
  3. Presidents report
    1. Vote was successful to convert to Directorship.
    2. Revised articles have been updated with the State.
  4. Financial reports
    1. Last months expenses were reported as low, as they were not posted in the ledger promptly.
    2. Laser month repairs were an un-expected expense
    3. We are under-revenue, We are under expense, so we are fine.
    4. We are placing new classes in the schedule.
  5. On Going Work and updates
    1. Bylaws, we have sent draft of Bylaws to legal.
    2. Site Search
      1. The Wing got their brown field approvoed
      2. We need to submit the LEAP site search.
    3. Advisor Board
      1. No update, looking forward to some progress
    4. Area Mangers
      1. Meeting next Tuesday.
      2. Cliff provided an update.
      3. Goal is for Area managers is to get Memberships involved in the areas.
      4. discussion about what different areas should be scoping.
    5. Open Hours Expansion
      1. working with persons to plan out what the scope of it is
        1. planning for volunteer on-boarding
      2. looking forward to a proposal, example.
        1. goal is to have 3 persons on shift during open hours, to provide check out, help desk and 3rd for support.
        2. still require machine specific checkouts.
        3. discussion about volunteer requirements, each of the SOP's and Tours, etc…
        4. discussion about bootstrapping difficulties.
    6. Discussion about discretionary/hardship membership dues.
      1. Pro's and Con's and Liability and Benefits and limits.
      2. discussion about Sliding Scale vs scholarship memberships
      3. need a shield, criteria, review board, etc…
  6. Other business
    1. Silver bells
      1. working with CADL, Mega's and Make-N-Take.
    2. Makes Giving, needs to be planned.
      1. need to ask membership to drive it.
      2. tentative Nov 18th
  7. adjourned
    1. 8:20pm