- Open 7:10pm

  1. Introduction
    1. Daniel Lance
  2. agenda
    1. Approved as Is.
  3. Minutes
    1. last months minutes approved as is.
  4. Presidents Report
    1. Events
      1. H2H
      2. S.B.
      3. Tech Demo Night - returns Oct 9th
        1. looking for projects to Demo.
      4. First Fridays
        1. Still in Concept. Hopefully ready for 1st October.
        2. Open Crafty low or no fee Make and Take
    2. Equipment Updates
      1. Repair of Laser, it is now fixed.
      2. CNC is up on new spindle, SOP written and Mike G is now planning training sessions.
    3. Membership Summary
      1. Report presented.
      2. Minor change in calculation for each month. No longer start and ending on specific days.
      3. added member longevity.
  5. Treasurer Report
    1. Report presented.
      1. expenses
        1. attorney fees
        2. laser tube repair and CNC upgrades.
        3. lack of classes, there are some planned for next month.
  6. Proposal to create LMN advisory board.
    1. Discussion about proposal.
    2. General concept is an advisory board of non-members community persons to provide consultation about LMN goals.
    3. looking at a goal of a initial meeting for November, otherwise Feburary.
    4. motioned, 2nd'ed and passed unanimously.
  7. Research on Board Member Recruitment
    1. tabled.
  8. Member Phone Calling about bring out the Vote.
    1. discussion about talking points and purposes of the ballots.
  9. New Location Search
    1. we have had a followup call from T.A. Forsberg Inc.
      1. Follow up after City Council Meeting.
    2. Discussion about General Site Search
      1. presentation about Cliff's Calculations of desired member space requirements.
      2. presentation about Mike's Calculations of current space usage.
      3. review Detailed internal Site Search requirements.
      4. Send Leap filled out Site Search Request/Information Summary
      5. put together a committee of members.
        1. look for site search
        2. look at build to suite
        3. Refine the above Internal specification.
  10. adjourned
    1. 9:00pm