- Open 7:00pm

  1. Introduction
    1. Daniel Lance
  2. agenda
    1. Approved as Is.
  3. Minutes
    1. last months minutes approved as is.
  4. Presidents Report
    1. Staff Updates
      1. Tyler resigned as Book Keeper. Dan Lance will pickup.
      2. Brian reviewed the books and found no significant issues, just a few minor clean up of recent activities.
      3. Nichole will take over the Craft Area Manager.
    2. Laser Repair
      1. Cost is approximately $800 parts and shipping and has been ordered.
    3. Parking Light
      1. BWL removed the pole.
      2. we awaiting BWL response as to why the removed the pole.
    4. Mich Maker Space Meetup
      1. LMN is host this quarters meeting this weekend.
      2. Saturday 11am to 1pm.
      3. It will be a Quiet Time for LMN's Space.
    5. Insurance Renewal
      1. It will auto renew on Sept 20th.
      2. we are open to anyone who wants to find compre-ables.
    6. Space Renewal
      1. Awaiting a response of request for month to month.
      2. Commit is beginging to start a Space Requirements.
    7. Financial Reports
      1. Nothing abnormal.
      2. Revenue is below projected.
      3. Expenses are below projected.
      4. 9990 EZ, Kate submitted.
    8. classes,
      1. interest in CNC and wood working.
      2. looking at a Book Binding Class
    9. Board Proposal 045
      1. establish a membership free
      2. set a date for the Member vote
      3. Passed without Objection
    10. Updates to Members Handbook
      1. recent updates were implemented, with members input
      2. section on what you can not do here
        1. Prohibit the making of FireArms at LMN.
          1. Not a policital issue, really trying to avoid involvement with the ATF requirements and complications.
        2. Prohibit the making of High Risk items that harm other members, during there fabrication or presence at LMN.
      3. We already have language about intoxication.
      4. Added clarification about using LMN as a entrepreneurial manufacturing.
        1. add a comment about fair access.
      5. Minor grammar
      6. we will continue with minor changes to be done and validated at the next Board Meeting.
    11. Board Retreat
      1. discussion with Kate about facilitating a 4 hour retreat.
        1. approximate rate is $100/hour. Including 1 hour of prep.
      2. 5 year plan
      3. identifying weakness and needs for improvement.
      4. no objects toward investigating finalizing and costs.
    12. Discussion about Posting Agenda's prior to actual meetings.
  5. Adjurned
    1. 8:10pm