- Open 7:00pm

  1. agenda
    1. added discussion about “the Wing”
    2. approved
  2. Previous Minutes
    1. approved as is.
  3. Presidents Report
    1. Brian, Carl and Mike G are working on getting the Spindle running, in place of the router.
      1. Retraining will be required.
    2. Membership numbers are dipping.
    3. Waverly Robotic's First Team, looking for machine shop access. Looking at developing a relationship.
  4. Financial Review
    1. new report - about statement of activity by class
    2. Struggling with trying to offer sufficient classes, to meet projections.
      1. Need other persons to take on the Wood Working Classes.
      2. Need assistance is handling the Eventbright and scheduling of classes.
  5. Discussion about future process for Recruiting potential board members.
    1. Looking to start a draft policy, by Jodi and Mike F.
    2. smARTS WORKSHOP: How to Diversify Your Board with Tedi R. Parsons
  6. Update about 990 Filing.
    1. Every should be on track for filling.
  7. Discussion about review of draft notice of special meeting.
    1. It is required to be mailed, to eligible voting members.
    2. reviewing proposed ballot and noticed as provided by lawyer.
    3. targeting September for vote
  8. Discussion about the Wing.
    1. Committee will start a document to detail terms and requirements.
    2. start a list of requirement minimal to maximum for LEAP to start a site search
  9. adjourned at 8:30pm