- Open 7:00pm

  1. agenda approved
    1. ammended with discussion about improving diversity
  2. approved last months minutes
  3. Presidents Report and msic updates.
    1. Mich Construction Foundation
      1. we did have successfull event
      2. $500 rental fee for 4 days.
      3. will be re-imbursed for Saw Stop incident
        1. No one was hurt.
        2. Need QR code for Accident report on the First Aid Station.
    2. Need to find Volunteer management/schedule software
      1. need a list of already looked at software.
      2. Need a manager of volunteers.
    3. New Member Portal demonstration.
      1. supports online payment etc…
      2. need to discuss member grace expiring period.
      3. future plans to support member volunteering time conversion to member fees.
      4. it is mobile friendly.
  4. Review of Financials
    1. review of statement activity
      1. classes are up.
      2. donations are down
        1. noting last year had un-usual donations.
      3. expenses are lower YTD.
    2. fininacial postion
      1. 30K in the bank.
    3. budget vs actuals
      1. over on classes and down on memberships
      2. donations are below expectation.
      3. overall 4.4K above.
      4. numbers show we are not spending enough on area equipment.
    4. want to budget $2000USD for legal fees for IRS 990 and transitions process
      1. brief overview of different fees.
      2. Motion and passed with opposition
  5. Discussion about Articles of Incorporation vote, procedure and time line.
    1. Lumis Law firm has reviewed our bylaws and provided recommendations, about requirements of notice.
    2. There are recommendations that lumis to provide further review and requirements of the process and new articles and by-laws.
  6. Discussion about the WING
    1. next step is to discuss Terms with owners.
    2. discussion about concerns
    3. need to have committee search for comparative locations.
  7. discussion about diversity moved to online forum.
    1. How do we improve the social economic diversity at this space.
  8. Meeting closed
    1. 9pm