- Open 7:00pm

  1. updates
    1. still working on summer Arts Impact camp, working on budgets.
      1. 10 persons, age aprox 14'ish. One ? Two weeks.
    2. Construction Worker Boot Camp with AIS is possible.
      1. 20'ish students.
    3. meeting with Arts Council
      1. May 4th Demo at 5pm. Arts Night Out in Old Towne
    4. May 14th MCACA meeting to discuss Operational Support Guidelines.
    5. planning on Tyler assuming book keeping.
    6. working with firm about 990. approved vote to file for 990 extension. to allow firm to process forms.
    7. No working Digital Sign at Front Desk.
      1. Looking for Content providers.
    8. Classes will be posted before May 1st.
  2. Discussion potential Corporate membership programs
    1. discussed several idea and variations.
  3. Discussion of fundraising goals for executive hiring
    1. if bylaws are revised, we have adopted the position to have an ED and Board.
    2. methods about how to vote to change the bylaws.
    3. discussion about ensuring the ear-marking of fund raising for the purpose of staffing.
    4. setting a goal of 60K
    5. need help, need to setup a fund raising committee.
      1. Going to scheduled a work session about fund raising before next board meeting.
  4. adjurn
    1. 9pm