- Open 7:12pm

  1. Accept agenda
  2. President Updates
    1. Finances not ready, Nothing out of ordinary.
    2. Pruese Printer arrived and mostly assembled.
    3. Helical Head for Planner has been ordered. and is about 5 week backordered.
    4. Welder has been selected and not yet ordered.
    5. Artemis
      1. discussion about possible profits and LMN's equipment.
  3. Board Work Sessions
    1. about day to day operations task, that could be deferred to other member's to be done during work sessions.
    2. tyler will be handeling recievables and payables about finance.
    3. meetings with marketing (margo)
    4. Class Scheduling.
    5. Old Member Reviews
    6. Road Show Go Box with swag.
    7. Future Date Night projects.
    8. abandon part area.
    9. Way to share photos.
    10. equipment disposal.
    11. Fund Raising
    12. identifying new board members
    13. space search.
      1. a possible new space has requested a draft letter of intent with possible.
    14. each Board member needs to champion one or more of the idea tags.
  4. Review of proposed by-laws.
    1. broad questions and discussions
    2. general goal of new by-laws, is to create sustainable and growing enviroment.
    3. day to day operations are no longer responsibility of board.
  5. Meeting of Michigan Makerspaces in Flint.
    1. brief review
    2. plan on setting up member vote for proposed Bylaws.