1. Open 7:05pm
  2. Financial
    1. 2016 to 2017 had similar nets.
    2. Review of Year End Financial Reports
    3. working towards a End of Year Report of LMN, that will include finacial report.
    4. working on year end 990 report.
      1. looking to do a full report. reviewing quotes.
    5. For January we are slightly down in membership, currently at 43.
    6. Margo is starting to help with marketing classes.
    7. 17% ws from classes.
    8. Tyler Tulloch is currently reviewing our books.
    9. Received LEAP $1K RING Grant.
    10. preparing a meeting with MACACA.
  3. President Report
    1. Michigan Wood Working Guild, will be holding the next meeting here. March 6th.
  4. Proposal
    1. replace March Board Meeting with Member Town Hall
      1. discuss vision
      2. future planning
      3. area manager updates
      4. State of the Space
      5. possibly new bylaw updates
      6. may need to have board work session.
      7. date to be TBD
      8. PASSED
    2. Out of General Fund, above and beyond current budet.
      1. helical Planner Upgrade $700-$800.
        1. Current planner is being used excessively, wearing out the current donated parts.
        2. 1 day of down time.
        3. estimated pay back is approximately 1 year vs replacing current blades.
        4. PASSED
      2. purchase of welder and welding fume extractor
        1. proposed total cost $2700 for machine and accessories.
        2. with an option for the board to approve an increase, at a later time.
        3. PASSED
    3. Future Leadership
      1. Discussion about roles between Executive Director and President of Board, along with possible changes.
      2. trying to create a healthy board and executives.
        1. Action Items
          1. review current bylaws
          2. work-sessions to determine proposals.
          3. review “little book of boards”
    4. adjurned 9pm