1. Meeting opened at 7:10pm
    1. 7 attendees
  2. Approved minutes from last month
  3. Financial Reports
    1. Year is Positive
    2. Last month is negative,
      1. mostly the laser replacement parts and upgrade, within budget
    3. Need a new work flow for budgetting processes
      1. should get some qoutes for using a CPA.
  4. Presidents report
      1. it will send posts to members email list.
      2. the default is digest and is changeable.
      3. using Dallas's space as a model for this forum
      4. Everyone who was a member at one time, since Jan 2016, has gotten an invite.
      5. We need members to try using it, to iron out any issues.
    1. “Teens Respecting and Understanding Each Other” support group wants to do a group class together
    2. Neighboring Charter School wants to do a New Class, potentially a Laser workshop.
    3. Insight's is doing Engineering this year, and may be wanting to repeat at LMN.
  5. Dorothy - candidate for Marketing Director
    1. Brief introduction
    2. background extensive prior experiences in marketing and public relations.
    3. Snow bird Jan-Mar, but will be remotely available
    4. possibility help with Grant Writing.
  6. events
    1. open house October 8th Sunday 12 to 4pm
      1. Closing Event of Maker Week.
      2. need to do our own flyers and other promotions.
    2. Holt expo, we were not able to find volunteers.
    3. How To Halloween
      1. Jerry had handouts.
      2. LMN has a complimentary Vampire Sponsor Level
      3. Artemis is planned to attend
        1. Need Space requirements.
      4. 1st year to be sponsorship by Celebration..
      5. Oct Sat 28 and Sun 29 11am to 5pm
      6. Last year we had a 40 x 40 space and Artemis was half.
      7. We need to buy more Blinky Kits.
      8. Want to Plan a Tomb Stone Work shop leading into Event.
      9. Need to send invite other members have activities.
    4. Batterup Bistro / Old 621 Night Club, on East Michigan Ave.
      1. Breakfast throu Lunch
      2. Open to being available as a resource.
        1. potential do something with Maker Date Night.
      3. Opening next week.
  7. Tandy Leather
    1. an unknown representative for Tandy Leather stopped by and wanted to work with LMN.
    2. Looking at creating a class
  8. Classes:
    1. Current Next 30days:
      1. Black Smith
        1. 2 3 hours
        2. 2 15 hours
      2. Soldering (by Brian)
      3. Taste of Wooding, Long Grain Cutting
    2. Planning 30 beyond 30 days:
      1. Leather working
    3. Discussion about having long term classes.
  9. adjourned
    1. 8:30pm