1. Attendees:
    1. Joe Zimmerman
    2. Brian Adams
    3. Jody Applegate
    4. Joe Carr
    5. Cliff Bohm
  1. started 7:10pm
  2. reviewed prior emailed agenda
  3. review and discussed budget
    1. rename some of the budget catagories to more representative names.
      1. e.g. Equip, Durable, Tools and Expandable.
      2. The Tools Budget is not currently funded.
      3. Other General Admin Expenses, has been used for extraneous costs for new tool acquisition.
    2. Office Expenses have overcosts, and budget needs increasing.
  4. President Report
    1. Submitted a plan request to potential next space.
    2. worked on vision plan.
    3. attendance is down
  5. Joe Car is nominated Treasurer
    1. unanimously approved
    2. Thanks to Carl for former efforts as treasurer
  6. Reviewed By-Laws have been shared.
    1. desire to separate day to day Executor and board president
    2. tabled
  7. need to board elections for vacancies.
  8. adjurned
    1. 7:44pm