1. started 7:00pm
  2. Attendees
    1. Brian Adams
    2. Cliff Bohm
    3. Jody Applegate
    4. Joe Car
    5. Carl Raymond
    6. Michael P. Flaga
    7. Joe Zimmerman
  3. treasurer
    1. Financial Report
    2. Annual D&O expense
  4. election
    1. need to put out a call for new board members
    2. Carl Raymond and Michael Flaga terms are up.
      1. Carl is not running for reelection.
      2. Flaga is running for reelection.
      3. will be doing on-line voting.
  5. Volunteers
    1. Looking for volunteers to do either or both Treasurer and or Secretary positions.
      1. so as not to be done by active board members.
  6. future space update
    1. meeting with some potential developers and had some loose discussions.
    2. investigating potential demographics.
    3. investigating future proposals.
  7. Space Utilitation
    1. 50 members is increasing the need for need more documented and active Area Managers
      1. need to have congress of areas
      2. need improved signage and labeling
      3. need lost area for each area.
    2. need more SOP instructors for
      1. Laser
      2. cnc
    3. Need to check out classes for
      1. wood shop
      2. Forging
    4. sound problem between space use and classes
      1. need walls
      2. need better communications
    5. looking forward to future holiday backlog of tools.
    6. John B will investigate a Scheduling Web site for tool usage.
    7. Flaga looking at inventory solution
    8. change “parking passes” to “project passes”
  8. Looking at a candidate for Volunteer Membership coordinator.
  9. adjourn 8:00 pm