1. started 7:00pm
  2. Attendees
    1. Brian Adams
    2. Cliff Bohm
    3. Jody Applegate
    4. Joe Car
    5. Carl Raymond
    6. Michael P. Flaga
    7. Joe Zimmerman
  3. treasurer
    1. Nothing un-usual
    2. Everything on Track
    3. Need to review 2017Q1 actual vs. budget
  4. Updates
    1. Meet with Jeff Diegan of a Development group.
      1. ownes a building east of Reo Town
      2. See's an opportunity in Lansing, and would like to create maker space along with other tentants.
      3. This may be an opportunity for when our lease is up.
    2. President of LEAP
      1. discussion about improving networking
    3. Detroit Maker Faire
      1. Reached out to THF, to to have a Michigan Maker Space Meet Up
      2. Discussion about some individual projects.
    4. Ann Arbor Mini Faire
      1. At this time we are not planning on attending
    5. Lansing Mini Faire
      1. This weekend Sat/Sun
      2. currently 3 volunteers, need more.
      3. need for flyers for classes and membership
  5. Election Process and Dates
    1. Will not be in May
    2. Next member meeting June 5 is a likely to be the vote
    3. Non-Profit Network is reviewing our by-laws, for possible updates.
  6. Discussion about Vision Draft
    1. The metric may be too attainable
    2. Discussion about possible goals.
      1. Classes vs Outreach vs Membership
      2. managing expectations
      3. to be continued
  7. Discussion of creating Volunteer Membership and or staff
    1. several ideas floated
    2. the idea of a Apprenticiships
    3. we currently have 11 hours of possible volunteer times
    4. discussion of gratis memberships, to non-member to meet specific tasks
      1. move forward on creating a new discount program
  8. Lathe and Bridgeport Milling
    1. planning on transporting them from Jackson to Lansing 4/27/2017
  9. Advent House
    1. start scheduling classes and working out possibilities
  10. Adjurned 8:25pm