1. Open 7:10pm
  2. Treasurer
    1. Expense for Stop Saw.
    2. Revenue from Classes.
    3. Feb Dues matched class revenue, not expected to repeat
    4. YTD report. (not included in minutes, see reports)
  3. Membership
    1. Solid 40
      1. Plus 2 more
    2. Review Demographics
  4. President Report
    1. Space Renovations
      1. Draftsperson/Architects working on finalizing the drawings
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. Science Festival
      1. April 8th
      2. Take A Part
      3. Different Email
      4. Conflicts with Space Beautification Day
    2. Lansing Mini Maker Faire
      1. Volunteer
    3. LMN Open House
      1. Saturday May 6th
      2. Contact Spartan Innovations to try a tour that day.
  6. Connections
    1. Encourage members to open and forge relationships with other persons and or organizations. For classes, donations or just partnerships.
      1. Difficult to have approach without a specific goal, project or vision plan
    2. Be open and let the board know about any potentials, etc.
  7. Board Elections
    1. Carl Raymond and Michael Flaga are up for re-election
    2. Nominee’s submitted next month for following month elections
  8. Space issues
    1. Audit Assets of space for insurance and other reasons
    2. Wander around with a video camera
    3. Get copy of blank insurance claims form to determine required information.
  9. Close 8:10pm