Meet with How-To-Halloween prior to meeting to discussion October 15-16 event.

  1. Approval of Last meeting minutes
    1. Approved
  2. What Bugs You, What do you Love.
    1. Things that we love
      1. Difficulty how to explain how to use the equipment.
      2. When I send out email and no comms and no one respond.
      3. Don't like we don't have a mouse
      4. Yellow post plate did not get painted
      5. Don't like not being able to see through clean Safety Glasses.
      6. Barrier to member entry - Open Hours
      7. Membership number is not climbing.
      8. Bugged that people are bugged by the quality of painting.
      9. Lack of people around.
    2. THings that you love
      1. Sharing the problem.Adf
      2. Things are getting cleaned up
      3. Like that we have mouse traps
      4. The Forge has not yet taken a ton of space
      5. That we have 3 out reaches this month
      6. That the space is evolving, and are happening in the space
      7. The BBQ, and the number of people wanting to be hear.
      8. That the Garage Door is fixed
      9. Just that I am hear
      10. That the forge is here and that people are using it.
      11. Like that the people here have varied interests.
  3. There is a welding table in St. Johns for us
  4. Treasurer's Report
    1. 6400 check written to Temple Club.
    2. Al Did agree that we are done with the Temple Club issue
  5. Membership Report
    1. Summarizing the Report.
    2. Need to increase numbers by Next Increase of Rent
    3. Current Average is 33 members. With 3 returning members.
  6. President Report
    1. Leap is sponsoring $250 for event activities.
    2. Leap and LMN is drafting a letter of understand, to support future events with Lansing Proto People and other events.
    3. Looking at submitting for the Ring Grant to support incubator resources.
    4. Question about outside sign
  7. Nominations for Board Members position.
    1. 1 nomination.
    2. 1 open position
  8. OPen House/Maker Week
    1. Press interviews with media will be happening
    2. Planning
      1. Need make and takes
      2. Looking for other ideas,
      3. Work Shop
      4. Tutorials etc…
      5. Fusion 360 Primer
      6. Dirty/Loud Session versus Clean/Quiet
      7. RattleBacks
      8. Clean Up All Call
      9. October 8th
  9. New Business Proposal
    1. Discussion of By Law Changes proposals. While need member votes, the board needs to review
      1. Change Restriction of on Scholarships. This will make it more flexible to create promotional events and pricings.
        1. Approved to move forward.
      2. Create a new class of board members that are appointed and not active members and removes the upper limit of board members. Allows the board to remove board members not in good standing.
        1. Amended with Super Majority and appointed by Elected board members
        2. Approved to move forward
    2. Board Policy update
      1. Changing our Guest Policy, to allow guest may use tools under proper check out and supervision of trained member
        1. Approved by Board Vote.
    3. Recurring Marketing Meeting to resume 7:30 to 9pm Mondays.
    4. Discussion about Rebanding Space, not the LMN incorporation. This will help separate the Space from the
      1. Discussion
      2. Separate the Rebanding from Web Site Names
  10. Upon Comming Events
    1. Barns and Noble Mini Maker Fair
    2. Meridian Mall Mini Maker Madness
    3. SB
  11. Other Business
    1. City of Lansing looking for Permanent outdoor enhancement projects.
      1. $7K by leap for Oct 17th 4:30 to 6:30 to pitch your idea
  12. Adjourned at 9:10pm