Meeting Minutes, August 24 2016

Directors in attendance: B. Adams, C. Raymond, J. Applegage, J. Zimmerman. Called to order 7:05pm

Approval of July (Aug. 8) minutes: Approved

Treasurer’s Report handed out. Check sent for $6,400.00 for Temple repairs. Bank balance reduced accordingly. Net positive for the month, slightly.

Adams: Expecting to meet with possible pro-bono accountant from Plante Moran.

Adams: Member barbecue: need to prepare budget to approach LEAP for funding. Zimmerman: Consider sending printed invitations to former members and other supporters, including “passes” for open house. Mail out either by hand or via service.

Raymond: Proposed pitching Open House as a fundraiser. Applegate: Keep separate; specific fundraiser late in the year

Open House: Make-and-take items on laser cutter, 3D printer, etc.

Zimmerman: Motion to budget of $500.00 for marketing/open house: Carried unanimously.

Adams: Forge update: Cliff Bohm promises a forge. If adequate, forge fund may be redirected to anvils, tools, etc. in place of the commercial forge we’re planning to purchase.

We have the option of purchasing the commercial forge, as well. This will permit running a bigger class. Multiple anvils will also be needed for a class.

Raymond: Suggested anvils may be obtained by painting an X on the sidewalk, and standing on it, and waiting for an anvil to fall. Others pointed out the risk of bodily injury. Also, this could instead result in obtaining only a dented safe or a severely damaged grand piano.

Raymond: Current forge fund collected: $235.00.

Flaga (not present): Propose approving $100.00 for Silver Bells application, due Sep. 1. Carried unanimously.

Adams: Elections for board seats. Board Proposal 028: Board of Director responsibilities. General discussion of board meeting attendance requirements, and board procedure for removing inactive board members. Motion to approve proposal with added language: Board will vote to remove members absent from 3 consecutive meeting. Passed unanimously.